iPads banned from Yankee Stadium

The iPad is now being banned from Yankee Stadium due to security concerns, as the tablet computer falls under the "no laptop" rule.

The iPad is turning out to be quite the unwelcome guest in many locations. The latest one is Yankee Stadium, which has banned the flashy 9.7-inch tablet computer from the venue.

First, you couldn't bring or ship an iPad to Israel, although that ban was lifted later. Then universities around the U.S. started prohibiting the iPad presence on campuses.

Now, Yankee Stadium has joined in, asserting that it falls under their "no laptop" rule due to security concerns. Even though TSA doesn't have a problem with iPads on planes, they are allowed to make their own rules. Yet, apparently Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants fans can still bring their iPads into the game, so who knows what's the real deal with the forces behind Yankee Stadium.

However, if you're at a baseball game, you should really be focused on the game rather than browsing the web. So why bother bringing the iPad in the first place?

A lot of the bans have pointed towards security concerns, but it's rare that so many decrees refer to the same gadget. Is this all just a bunch of iPad-hate?