iPads replace menus at Atlanta eatery

We've seen iPads being used by teachers, pilots and doctors, but what about restaurants? An Atlanta eatery has adopted the iPad to replace menus (and more) at their high-tech restaurant.

Proprietors Christian and Nacasha Ruffin are using iPads to revolutionize their Atlanta restaurant Do Restaurant at The View. Patrons use an iPad to place orders in real-time (in lieu of traditional menus) for everything from drinks to desserts, eliminating the need to wait for a server.

The restaurant also uses iPads to control a series of projectors that display the moving art projected onto the restaurant's walls and a custom back-of-the-house app tracks sales hourly allowing the Ruffins to forecast and purchase raw goods more accurately. Customers can even use the iPad to tell the valet when they're ready for their car.

Now that's what I call a creative use for an iPad.

Video: CNN via Anthony Paladino