iPhone 4G photos? Call me skeptical (Updated: I was wrong)

Engadget has posted some photos of what could be the next generation iPhone, as for me, I'm skeptical.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

Engadget has posted photos of what it believes are the new fourth-generation iPhone 4 hardware (which some are calling iPhone HD), due in June 2010.

It also has another leaked iPhone 4 pic but it's blurry and anything but definitive.

Engadget claims that the handset, which was "found on the floor of a San Jose bar," includes a front facing camera and 80GB of storage. Whoever "lost" it must have run "wipe my iPhone prototype" though because it no longer boots.

Let's assume for a minute that that this is the new iPhone. Isn't it a little chunky? I mean seriously! Does it have a on-board nuclear reactor of something? Multiple solar panels? What?

Apple has spent a lot of time and money on battery R&D and it's starting to pay dividends -- witness the iPad's 12 hour battery and the new MacBook Pro's 10 hour battery -- so could that extra space be all battery?

Apple has a history of slimming iPhones down in subsequent hardware designs. Apple usually makes them sleeker, smoother and narrower feeling (even if it's just an illusion) -- and I just can't see them making the next-generation iPhone look more like a MacBook Pro.

Also, what's up with all those seams? I bet it splits open like Humpty Dupty the first time that you drop it on the sidewalk. The pictured design is a complete departure from the unibody aluminum enclosures that Apple has been moving to. Some are speculating that it will include a removable battery, hence the seams, but I think that we have a better chance of seeing God than an iPhone with a removable battery.

Some theories making the rounds are that it's a) a fake from overseas, or b) a fake from Apple to throw off the competition.

What's your take?

Update: I was wrong.

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