iPhone 4S benchmarks and specs begin to emerge

Apple doesn't spec the CPU and GPU speeds of it's iOS devices beyond vague statements like "it's 2x faster." Early recipients of the iPhone 4S have filled the void by posting benchmarks on the Web.

Apple told us a lot about its shiny, new iPhone 4S when it was formally announced by CEO Tim Cook last week -- but it didn't tell us everything and details are starting to emerge ahead of Friday's official launch. Although it's not available in stores until October 14, a number of lucky pre-orderers in Germany received their iPhone 4Ses a few days early and were able to glean additional details about the device that weren't previously available.

For starters, the A5 processor in the iPhone 4S clocks in at around 800MHz according to AnandTech, making it significantly faster than the iPhone 4's A4 processor, but slightly slower than the iPad 2's A5.

According to early benchmarks, iPhone 4S Javascript performance is on par with Tegra 2-based Android devices running Honeycomb like the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

iPhone 4S Javascript performance benchmarks - Jason O'Grady

AnandTech also posted GPU benchmark results from GLBenchmark 2.1 which put the "4S" right behind the iPad 2 in graphics performance but almost doubles performance over the iPhone 4.

GLBenchmark results for the iPhone 4S - GPU Performance

AppVV (via MacRumors) also confirms that the iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM, just like the iPhone 4 it replaces. This is less than the iPad's 1GB of RAM and many people speculated that the new iPhone would inherit the larger RAM footprint in the iPad 2.

This gives hope to those wondering about support for Siri running the on the iPhone 4. Although Apple has stated that Siri is only compatible with the iPhone 4S, we now know that it isn't a limitation of RAM, but more likely a limitation of the A4 processor. Although this still doesn't explain why Siri couldn't conceivably run on the iPad 2, since it has the same A5 processor as the one found in the iPhone 4S.

MacRumors also notes that the iPhone 4S achieved a Sunspider total score of 2222.1ms and a BrowserMark score of 89567. An iPhone 4 running iOS 5 achieved a BrowserMark score of 44856, making the new iPhone 4S roughly twice as fast in the browser.