iPhone 5 hardware-based rumor roundup

If all the hardware leaks are real, then the iPhone 5 is Apple's worst-kept secret. But what do the alleged leaks tell us about Apple's highly anticipated -- but as yet unannounced -- smartphone?

There are no shortage of iPhone 5-related rumors making the rounds. But talk is cheap, so I tend to put more stock in rumors that are associated with actual, physical hardware.

In the gallery below I sift through the current hardware leaks and take a look at what the alleged iPhone 5 parts might tell us about Apple's forthcoming -- and highly anticipated -- iPhone 5.

Is there anything left for Apple to unveil?

Gallery: iPhone 5: Rumor roundup

Components amounting to an entire iPhone 5 have leaked over the past few weeks. Also, there's what purports to be a complete, bootable iPhone 5 that's cone from the assembly factory in Jincheng, China.

Here's a visual tour of the leaked hardware. Click on the links below to jump to the appropriate spot in the image gallery for more details on the leaked hardware.

Chassis Sensor holes Connector cable Dock connector
Volume control/mute switch Front lens scratch test Full booting iPhone 5  
Front lens Dock connector plug Speaker, not NFC chip  
Front lens measurements SIM card tray for nano SIM Redesigned earphones  

I suspect that when Apple chief executive Tim Cook stands on stage September 12 and unveils the next iPhone, we're going to be hit with a very strong sense of déjà vu.