iPhone 5 launch day won't be disrupted by Apple store strikes in Paris

Three Apple stores in the French capital were rumoured to be going on strike on Friday, the day of the new iPhone's release. However, all three have confirmed they'll remain open and there will be no industrial action.

Apple's three Paris stores will remain open on Friday despite rumours of a strike that was set to disrupt iPhone 5 launch day in the French capital.

The French edition of the Huffington Post reported on Wednesday that there was a 90 percent likelihood workers at the three stores – Rue de Rivoli, La Défense, and Opéra – would strike in a dispute over wages and conditions.

Discussions had been taking place between staff, management and unions for some months, the publication said.

The tone of the discussions changed at a meeting held on Wednesday and, according to an Apple worker at the meeting quoted by the Huffington Post, the strike was "90 percent certain" to go ahead after workers were disappointed with proposals put forward by the stores' management.

Apple's Opéra store in Paris Image: Apple

However, all three of the Apple stores confirmed they will remain open as normal on Friday, when the shops will open their doors from 9am for the release of the iPhone 5, and there will be no industrial action.

"No, there's no strike, the store is open," a member of staff at the Opéra store told ZDNet.

The iPhone 5, which will go on sale across the world tomorrow, is expected to be the biggest iPhone launch to date with analysts predicting between six and 10 million units could be sold in its first weekend on sale. Pre-orders of the device surpassed two million units within the first 24 hours after launch.

In the French Apple stores the iPhone 5 will be priced at €679 for the 16GB model, €789 for the 32GB, and €899 for the 64GB.