Teardown shows minor iPod touch differences from iPhone 6

Although there are several similar components from the iPhone 6 in the new iPod touch, some are modified or different to keep a balance between customer appeal and Apple's profits.

How much is the new, sixth-generation iPod touch similar to the iPhone 6? Very much according to both Apple's listed specs and the details iFixit found out by carefully dissecting the new iPod touch.

Obviously, the new iPod touch -- which starts at $199 -- and its 4-inch Retina Display, is smaller than the iPhone 6 and it lacks any cellular or mobile broadband connectivity. We don't need a device tear-down to tell us that.

Inside, however, there are plenty of similarities.

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As Apple noted, the new iPod touch is powered by the company's A8 processor found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets. The chip runs a little slower though: Benchmarks run by TechCrunch show a 1.1 GHz clock speed per core.

That's a half-step behind the 1.39 GHz clock speed the A8 runs in Apple's latest handsets. Even so, it works out to a big performance jump from the fifth-generation iPod Touch: CPU instructions are carried out six times faster while the Metal-supporting graphics performance gets a 10x boost.

Also helping to keep apps moving is a doubling of memory from the prior iPod touch. The new model has 1 GB of RAM according to iFixit. It also includes the same M8 co-processor found in the iPhone 6 to capture motion data.

While the camera in the iPod touch jumps from a 5-megapixel sensor to one capable of capturing 8-megapixels like the iPhone 6, it doesn't appear to be the same sensor. The camera also has a smaller aperture -- f/2.4 compared to the iPhone's f/2.2 -- so it doesn't gather as much light in the same setting. There's also no optical image stabilization (found in the iPhone 6 Plus) nor is the lens cover made from sapphire, both of which keep Apple's costs down.


The only aspect from iFixit's teardown that's interesting but can't be directly compared to the iPhone 6, is the new 1,042 mAh battery inside the iPod touch.

That's only marginally more capacity than the 1,030 mAh power pack in the fifth-generation touch. However, the dual-core A8 processor is more power efficient than the dual-core A5, which powers the older iPod model. That suggests it might run longer on a charge, although Apple has estimated the same 40 hours of audio playback and 8 hours of video on the new model.

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