iPhone 6s report: 12MP camera, 4K video recording, possible OLED display

Typical of the "s" model years, the new 2015 iPhone models are shaping up to be much improved; particularly in the image sensors, making the most popular phone camera even better.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributing Writer on

An expected September announcement of new iPhones is nearly here and the leaks are starting to become more detailed: Look for a higher resolution camera with 4k video recording and selfie flash on the iPhone 6s says 9to5 Mac's Mark Gurman.

Gurman, known for his uncanny ability to source often accurate Apple information posted the details on Thursday, following an earlier post about new iPhone 6s animations and previous reports of a Force Touch display.

Those animations are to be similar to the fluid visuals already on the Apple Watch, Gurman says.

If that's true, there's a chance Apple changes its iPhone display technology from LCD to the more power efficient OLED used on its watch. Even if that doesn't happen with the 2015 iPhone models, I anticipate Apple will eventually make the move once it's happy with the display output.

Surely, the iPhone 6s and anticipated 6s Plus will have a next-generation Apple processor inside as well.

I still think at least one, if not both, of the new models will have 2 GB of memory to assist with the split-screen and multitasking features Apple is introducing in iOS 9.

In terms of the camera hardware, Gurman says we'll see a jump from the current 8 megapixel sensor in the iPhone 6 line: a 12 megapixel sensor will be in the 6s phones. The front-facing camera is expected to get an upgrade -- I'm guessing a 2 megapixel sensor -- as well as its own flash.

Along with the higher resolution still image possibilities, 4K video recording will reportedly also be supported.

That makes sense: Even if few have 4K television sets, some competing Android handsets gained 4K video support last year.

And the latest iMac models can show off 4K video without breaking a sweat. That even raises the possibility of 4K support in the next Apple TV, even though early reports suggested it wasn't happening.


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