iPhone 7 to see major storage upgrade, claims analyst

A long-awaited storage bump could be just the excuse existing iPhone users will need to upgrade.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Inside the iPhone 6S

Inside the iPhone 6S


Apple will drop the 16GB base storage option for the iPhone 7, and introduce 32GB as the minimum storage option, claims IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang (first spotted by 9to5Mac).

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Wang expects RAM to remain at 2GB.

It makes sense for Apple to bump the base storage to 32GB. Not only have NAND prices fallen to such a point that bumping to 32GB won't hit Apple in the pocket too much, but it will also give users more space to download more apps and shoot more 4K video and Live Photos.

The biggest downside for Apple is that giving iPhone 7 owners 32GB for the base price - as opposed to selling them an upgrade for $100 - means that there will be less pressure on potential buyers to spend money on a higher model. This, in turn, could hit the iPhone's average selling price.

The maximum storage is expected to be 256GB.

Apart from more storage, analysts don't expect the iPhone 7 to differ all that much from the iPhone 6s. The case will be virtually identical - barring the redesigned antenna stripes and the removal of the headphone jack - and the larger Plus model is also said to feature dual cameras.

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