iPhone, Android smartphone users can now track activities with RunKeeper on Pebble

Many Pebble owners have been waiting for RunKeeper to come to the Pebble, and it is now here. You can view your basic live data and pause/resume, all from your Pebble.

One of the reasons I purchased the Pebble Smart Watch was the third-party app support that includes RunKeeper. I was pleased to receive a press release this morning stating that Pebble integration is now supported in RunKeeper for iOS and Android.

Reach your fitness goals with RunKeeper on your Pebble
Image: RunKeeper

I updated my RunKeeper smartphone apps, and then looked all over the place for a way to install the Pebble app, without any luck. It turns out there is no Pebble app to install on your Pebble. You simply start an activity in RunKeeper and the elapsed time, distance, and pace (minutes/mile) appear on your Pebble watch as long as the activity is enabled.

While I have used my phones in the past to run with because of the breadth of data captured and the safety aspect, I can call my wife if I have a health issue or accident on the road, it is nearly impossible to interact with the display or view my run status with my phone strapped in an armband or carrier. I sweat too much to carry a phone in my hand, too. Thus, I have been running with devices like the Motoactv and Garmin Forerunner 610 .

With the Pebble now on my wrist, I can strap and put away my smartphone and follow the basic critical data on my Pebble. Functionality is limited to viewing three aspects of your running experience, but the center Pebble button does let you pause and resume your workout. I need to try it tonight, since it looks like I can also control the music on my phone, which makes the Pebble a device that truly can replace my Motoactv when combined with a smartphone.

I like the information that the Pebble utility provides, but those who prefer to view speed or different units may not be as pleased. It doesn't look like any output to the Pebble can be customized at this time. Given that this is a first release, I imagine we will see more coming in future updates.