iPhone-based home monitoring solution tops $1M on IndieGogo

Wireless IP cameras are undeniably powerful when it comes to security, but they can be expensive or difficult to set up (or both). A new IndieGogo project hopes to solve both problems and is on track to becoming the most successful crowd-funded connected home product ever.

Canary is a self-contained home monitoring solution - Jason O'Grady

I've previously written about my affection for home automation and monitoring tools (like Nest, Hue , Manything , and DropCam) and a new IndieGogo project looks promising.

Canary is billed as "the first smart home security device for everyone." It's a simple device packed with smart sensors — controlled through your iPhone, natch — that allows you to keep your home or office safe and secure.

Canary's different from most IP cameras, though; instead of the usual camera, mic, and motion detector that you can monitor from your iPhone, it also monitors temperature, air quality, and vibration, and it does all this in a sleek and elegant package. You control it from your iPhone (or Android).

Like Nest, which learns about how you like the temperature in your home, Canary also learns from your daily patterns. After a short training period, it sends you alerts when it senses anything out of the ordinary, like sudden temperature changes (which can indicate a fire) and the sound of glass breaking and strange movement (which could mean an intrusion).

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As of this writing, Canary has already raised over $1.2 million, shattering its modest $100,000 goal. With only 13 days left, you'll need to act fact if you want to take advantage of the early adopter pricing of $199. Canary is due to ship to IndieGogo backers in May 2014.

Cue the video:

Meet Canary from canary on Vimeo.