iPhone cannibalizing Android sales

iPhone sales are on the up, while Android device sales have slumped preciptously.

In the sales war between the iPhone and Android, latest figures from the NPD group suggest that while iPhone sales are on the up, while sales of Android device have slumped preciptously.

Between Q3 2011 and October/November sales of iPhones soared from 26% to a whopping 43%. During the same period sales of Android devices fell from a high of 60% to 47%.

Here's a chart:

This chart clearly shows how the smartphone race is between iOS and Android. RIM has pretty much vanished into oblivion and none of the other players were worth adding to the chart.

Is the the iPhone 4S effect that we are seeing here, or is it indicative of a deeper problem and perhaps a slowing down of the Android machine? Hard to tell based om just a single data point. What will be interesting is seeing where this goes during the year.

Also according to NPD, two out of every three phones sold in the Oct/Nov period was a smartphone, while during Q3 11 this figure was only 59%. Basic phones only accounted for 15%, while messaging phones didn't fare much better with 18% of sales.

The cellphone market is now very much the domain of the smartphone.