iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

Jailbreaker goes straight, joins Apple.

Comex, the hacker behind the iOS jailbreak site JailbreakMe.com is joining Apple as an intern.

19-year old Comex, real name Nicholas Allegra, announced this move to Apple on Twitter:

Given how much time Comex has spent looking for bugs and exploits in iOS, it's no surprise that Apple wants him on the team. However, Apple's win is a loss for the jailbreaking community. The exploit that Comex came up with for the latest incarnation of JailbreakMe was the first to support the iPad 2. Comex was a powerhouse behind the jailbreaking community, and his move to Apple could be a blow to jailbreakers.

Comex isn't the first jailbreaker to join Apple. Earlier this year Peter Hajas, the developer of MobileNotifier, joined the company.

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