IPhone location bug fix coming within next two weeks

With an upcoming update to iOS, Apple will address the complaints of its users who say that their iPhones know too much.

Apple may be close to offering a fix to the location tracking scandal that hit the iPhone last week.

Via an iOS update, Apple will make a number of tweaks to how its devices handle location data. With iOS 4.3.3, Apple will prevent the database from being copied to iTunes, reduce the databases's size and remove it entirely when Location Services is turned off. These are all fixes Apple promised last week in in the Q&A published on its website. Boy Genius Report believes the the update will arrive within in the next two weeks.

Apple has chalked the iPhone's surprising functionality not to malice, but ineptitude. Dismissing the iPhone's tendency to track its location (even while Location Services was turned off) as "a bug", the company played a similar tune with the iPhone's large repository of location data. Though the database stored months of information, Apple said anything more than a week's worth of data was unnecessary.

The update will also add some battery life improvement and fix a number of iPod bugs as well.

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