iPhone market share sees slight increase in US even with new models coming

Latest figures show Apple had a slight increase in US smartphone market share even though new iPhones are on the near horizon.

It's not unusual to see a vendor's market share fall off right before the release of new models, but latest figures from comScore show the iPhone share increased slightly in the latest quarterly numbers. Apple had a 1.1 percent increase in share in the US over the previous quarter.

Second place Samsung had a small decrease in share for the same period in spite of launching new flagship phones, and LG had an increase. Motorola exhibited no change in share while HTC had a 0.2 percent decrease over the previous quarter.


The numbers demonstrate that the US smartphone market was relatively unchanged quarter to quarter. This will likely change with the imminent release of new iPhones expected in September.

Looking at the market share by platform, Android had a drop in share even though four of the top five OEMs are all making phones with the OS. Apple exhibited an increase in share with iOS, and Microsoft's share dropped from 3.0 percent to 2.9 percent quarter to quarter.


Nokia's aging Symbian OS is still in the top five platforms with a tiny fraction of market share. Microsoft is still not making a dent in share in the US with less than three percent.

Source: comScore