iPhone production in Brazil resumes as Foxconn strike ends

A framework of roles and salaries will be introduced at the manufacturing plant.

Staff at the largest Foxconn manufacturing site in Brazil have resumed work yesterday (18) after a five-day strike to demand for an organizational structure of pay and career progression.

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Following a meeting between the workers union and the Regional Labor Tribunal, it was decided that the staff at the factory in Jundiaí, a town in the countryside of São Paulo, would get the framework of salaries and roles they had been asking for since February 2013, when another strike took place for the same reason.

According to the Metalworking Industries Union of the state of São Paulo, the previous promises that the organizational structure would be put into place were never kept. Since the workers were contracted in 2012, their salaries were never incresed.

However, the Labour Tribunal has now introduced an agreement between the firm and the union whereby the Foxconn unit, the only manufacturing plant of iPhones and iPads outside China, has one year to implement the changes.

Meanwhile, 151out of the 3,700 workers at the site will already have their salaries effective this month. The Chinese company had attempted to get staff to work on two Saturdays to partly make up for the five days where there was no activity.

This was rejected by the union and the company subsequently agreed to pay for the strike days without demanding the weekend shifts.