iPhone, PS3 hacker Geohot no longer works for Facebook

Facebook no longer employs George Hotz, also known as geohot, the infamous hacker who unlocked the iPhone, as well as hacked the PlayStation 3, and subsequently got sued by Sony.

Hacker George Hotz, also known as geohot, no longer works for Facebook. It's not clear where he works now, or why he left, but we do know he's spending his free time doing what he loves: hacking. Hotz was most recently spotted at a hackathon hosted by a startup called Backplane, which is funded by Lady Gaga.

Back in June 2011, multiple sources started talking about how Hotz works at Facebook. This was quickly followed by a post from Hotz himself, and then a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the news to me, although a full statement was not given.

As you can see in the video above, Business Insider caught up with Hotz at Backplane. He may not work at Facebook anymore, but he's still fascinated by the company: during the hackathon, he built an app that allows you to see where your Facebook friends are on a map. He was wanted the actual photos of his Facebook profile friends on it, and when another hacker suggested that Hotz filter the results by gender, he added an option for it to sort by female or male.

Hotz is a young American hacker born on October 2, 1989. He is known for unlocking the iPhone, as well as hacking the PlayStation 3 and subsequently being sued by Sony. It's not known what Facebook asked Hotz to work on while he was at the company, but whatever it was, it didn't keep him interested for very long. As you can see in the links below, Hotz was in the news quite a lot in the last few years, so everyone is keen to see what he'll do next.

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