iPhone Xs and Xs Max Australian pricing

Australia's telcos have released their pricing for the latest launch of Apple's dominant iPhone series, with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max available for pre-order.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Australia's telcos opened the gates for pre-ordering the latest Apple iPhones on Friday evening, with the outright cost of some models breaking well past the AU$2,000 barrier.

Heading over to Apple for an outright purchase of an iPhone Xs will cost AU$1,629 for the 64GB version, AU$1,879 for 256GB of storage, and AU$2,199 for the 512GB model. Each phone arrives with either a silver, space grey, or gold finish.

Compared to the $999 to $1,349 cost for the iPhone Xs in America, once 10 percent of GST is added, the price increase for Australians is around the AU$100 mark.

For the iPhone Xs Max, a 64GB version costs AU$1,799; 256GB of storage is AU$2,049; and the 512GB model is AU$2,369.

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Including handset repayments, the minimum spend per month for the new iPhones on each telco are:

2 year plan

2 year plan

3 year plan

iPhone Xs 64GB AU$109
AU$85 AU$80.25
iPhone Xs 256GB AU$124 AU$100 AU$87.19
iPhone Xs 512GB AU$139 AU$115 AU$96.08
iPhone Xs Max 64GB AU$124 AU$95
iPhone Xs Max 256GB AU$139
AU$110 AU$91.91
iPhone Xs Max 512GB AU$154 AU$125

*At the time of writing, the telco was having a double data promotion, and the base plan was 2GB, with 2GB of bonus data.

Leasing plans on Telstra reduce the cost per month by AU$10, while for Optus the leasing option lowers the price by between AU$20 each month depending on plan and device.


If you make your choices based on the highest possible data inclusions:

2 year plan

2 year plan

3 year plan

iPhone Xs 64GB AU$199
AU$130 AU$125.25
iPhone Xs 256GB AU$199 AU$145 AU$132.19
iPhone Xs 512GB AU$199 AU$160 AU$141.08
iPhone Xs Max 64GB AU$199 AU$140
iPhone Xs Max 256GB AU$199
AU$155 AU$136.91
iPhone Xs Max 512GB AU$199 AU$170

*At the time of writing, Optus was having a double data promotion, and the plan used for this table was 200GB per month, and did not have its data doubled. The regular 100GB plan from Optus was available for double data, and cost AU$15 less each month.

Leasing plans on Optus lowers the price by between AU$20 each month, depending on plan and device.

There is no discount for leasing with unlimited data on Telstra.


Vodafone breaks down its iPhone plans into a monthly repayment cost based on the length of the contract signed, and plan cost data inclusions.

Vodafone's Red plans offer 2GB for AU$35, 20GB for AU$45, and 60GB for $60. Its Red Plus plans are available for AU$60 for 60GB, and $80 for 100GB.

The monthly repayment cost for each device is laid out in the table below.

Device repayment per month
12 months 24 months 36 months
iPhone Xs 64GB AU$135.75
AU$67.87 AU$45.25
iPhone Xs 256GB AU$156.58 AU$78.29 AU$52.19
iPhone Xs 512GB AU$183.25 AU$91.62 AU$61.08
iPhone Xs Max 64GB AU$149.91 AU$74.95 AU$49.97
iPhone Xs Max 256GB AU$170.75 AU$85.37 AU$56.91
iPhone Xs Max 512GB AU$197.41 AU$98.70 AU$65.80


Telstra is the only telco offering an unlimited plan, which costs AU$199 per month regardless of the type of the new iPhone chosen.

The total cost for each device on a 24-month plan is laid out the table below.

Leasing a phone, rather than buying one, costs AU$10 a month less. Leasing on unlimited plans has no reduction in price.

Australia's dominant telco charges AU$15 more for each upgrade in storage, and AU$15 for the iPhone Xs Max compared to the iPhone Xs.

3GB 10GB 30GB 90GB
iPhone Xs 64GB AU$109 AU$119 AU$124 AU$129
iPhone Xs 256GB AU$124 AU$134 AU$139 AU$144
iPhone Xs 512GB AU$139 AU$149 AU$154 AU$159
iPhone Xs Max 64GB AU$124 AU$134 AU$139 AU$144
iPhone Xs Max 256GB AU$139 AU$149 AU$154 AU$159
iPhone Xs Max 512GB AU$154 AU$164 AU$169 AU$174


Optus is currently offering a double data bonus on most of its plans, which will be indicated by an asterisk.

Plans on Optus are over a 24-month period.

2GB* 10GB* 25GB* 100GB* 200GB
iPhone Xs 64GB AU$85 AU$100 AU$110 AU$115 AU$130
iPhone Xs 256GB AU$100 AU$115 AU$125 AU$130 AU$145
iPhone Xs 512GB AU$115 AU$130 AU$140 AU$145 AU$160
iPhone Xs Max 64GB AU$95 AU$110 AU$120 AU$125 AU$140
iPhone Xs Max 256GB AU$110 AU$125 AU$135 AU$140 AU$155
iPhone Xs Max 512GB AU$125 AU$140 AU$150 AU$155 AU$170

Typically, the telco offers the same phones and data plans for AU$10 cheaper on a leasing plan; however, that can range from AU$20 to AU$5 depending on phone model and data plan.

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