iPhone XS mocked by Huawei for being so very boring

You can always guarantee that some brand will follow an iPhone unveiling with derision.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer

You're likely now becalmed.

Apple has given you a choice of new iPhones over which to drool and argue.

You can bet, however, that executives of other brands watched Apple's event yesterday and seethed.

Why can't we have such adulation? Why can't we get away with dressing so badly and still be cheered?

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There's always, though, at least one brand that tries to leap on the Apple bandwagon and disrupt the band.

Yesterday, it was Huawei.

The Chinese handset maker couldn't resist carping and crowing in the most comfortable place for such behavior: Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Huawei not only suggested that Apple presented a beige incarnation of the phone, but that its own new phones would be, well, beyond intelligent.

This seems to mean they'll be filled with such sophisticated artificial intelligence that humans will not have to think anymore.

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The tweets didn't mention Apple by name, but offered Apple-style visuals and obvious Apple-targeted sniping.

"Thanks for keeping things the same," read one.

"Thank you for supporting us as innovators," said another, which enjoyed the graphic from Apple's event invitation.

Then, there was the positively insulting: "Thank you for letting us be the real hero of the year."

I'm sure the Huawei Mate 20, to be unveiled in October, will enthrall the brand's believers.

It's hard to be a hero these days, though.

Huawei has been under suspicion in quite a few countries -- including the US -- for its alleged security issues.

The other day, it was also caught cheating on benchmarks.

I suppose some people might find this sort of thing heroic.

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It's remarkable, however, how many brands choose to scoff at Apple, while Cupertino seems to stand and smile.

Personally, I can't wait to see Samsung's latest Apple-mocking ad.

It'll be a feat of creativity to find something that's left to mock.

I know, how about a Christmas ad that says: "Buy the Galaxy Note 9. It's a lot better than the X-Mess."

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