Iplanet™ Application Server tops TechRankings

IPlanet clinches the No.1 ranking in the December Application Servers eBusiness TechRankings™ by Forrester Research, Inc. With a score of 3.3 out of 5.0. It receives high marks for its high-performance, scalable, and reliable architecture.

Application servers have rapidly evolved into the central engine that powers virtually all eBusiness systems, and iPlanet™ E-Commerce Solution's role in this product category was reaffirmed today by its No.1 ranking in the December Application Servers eBusiness TechRankings™ by Forrester Research, Inc.

Forrester currently ranks the iPlanet™ Application Server product at the head of the pack in its TechRankings of eleven market-leading application servers. iPlanet, a Sun-Netscape Alliance, outscored all other vendors in the critical areas of integration and vendor momentum and achieved one of the highest Java™ technology compliance scores on its way to achieving the highest overall rating.

"Naturally, we're pleased with Forrester's number one rating of our application server, but we have no intention of resting on our laurels," said Stuart Wells, iPlanet senior vice president. "We fully intend to extend our leadership by pushing all the components within the iPlanet Platform to even higher levels of performance and functionality. For even the most complex business models, our platform will get you where you need to go in the world of e-commerce."

According to Forrester, "iPlanet… knows how to architect a product for top performance, scalability and reliability. The vendor also offers other eBusiness infrastructure, like its EAI product, iPlanet™ Integration Server (formerly Forte Fusion™,) and it embeds industrial strength middleware. The product's development environment has tools for building presentation and business objects, and it integrates with other tools for building EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans) and servlets. Strong partnerships with top integrators and a significant customer base of Global 2,500 companies mean that this product is here to stay."

eBusiness TechRankings' continuous research combines product testing results and market analysis to help firms understand rapidly changing technology markets, accelerate and improve product selection, and effectively gauge implementation costs and effort.

Forrester Ranks iPlanet Strategic Partner Open Market No. 1 in Content Management

iPlanet Application Server software was also recently credited with helping Open Market, a provider of content-centric eBusiness applications, earn its top position in Forrester's recent Content Management TechRankings. Open Market's award-winning performance and reliability characteristics were supported by the strength of the underlying application server. iPlanet Application Server software is also the foundation for the new generation of iPlanet e-commerce applications that were introduced in December in the areas of online procurement, bill presentment and payment, B2B selling, and trade facilitation.

"Building on top of J2EE™ (JavaTM 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition) application servers is the architecture of the future for software vendors developing eBusiness solutions that will be able to scale and keep up with the changing Internet," said Joe Alwan, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Open Market. "We chose the iPlanet Application Server in 1998 as the foundation layer for our content management and personalisation software solutions and now have over 200 customers using our Content Server running on iPlanet technology."

About iPlanet Application Server

iPlanet Application Server provides a compliant J2EE platform upon which organizations can build Web services. In addition, iPlanet Application Server provides an integration framework that allows organizations to leverage information assets across databases, legacy applications and other middleware. As the transactional foundation for the iPlanet family of e-commerce solutions and with well over 1,000 customers, iPlanet Application Server is the platform of choice for companies serious about success in the Net Economy.

About iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions

iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, a Sun-Netscape Alliance, was established in March 1999 by America Online, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. to power the next wave of the net economy. The iPlanet Internet Service Deployment Platform is a software environment designed to enable scalable Internet services. The platform includes the Messaging, Directory, Web and Application Servers.

About Forrester's TechRankings Methodology

Forrester's eBusiness TechRankings™ methodology is open, rigorous, and unbiased. TechRankings combines the results of hands-on lab tests, strategic market analysis, and in-depth research into the needs of technology users. Forrester does not charge vendors in any way to participate in TechRankings, and it tests and analyses all products in a given category using identical, publicly available criteria.