Iranian cyber warfare commander shot dead

The Commander of the Iranian Cyber War Headquarters has been killed, but there are conflicting reports of whether assassination is suspected.

A report in the Telegraph states that Mojtaba Ahmadi, who served as commander of the iranian Cyber War Headquarters, has been shot dead. The Telegraph says that the authorities suspect assassination.

A later report in International Business Times cites a statement on the Iranian web site Alborz, which IBTimes says "is closely linked to the powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard", as disputing the assassination claim.

The Alborz statement acknowledges an attack on Ahmadi, but says that motive has not been determined. It doesn't even appear to acknowledge that Ahmadi is dead.

Assassination would be a reasonable explanation, as five Iranian nuclear scientists and the head of the country's ballistic missile program have been killed since 2007. The Ahmadi attack was committed by two persons on a motorbike, according to the commander of the local police, and motorbikes have been used in some of the other killings. In the most recent one prior to Ahmadi's, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a chemist who worked in the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz, died when an explosive device blew up on his car.

The Iranian government has accused the Israeli of the previous attacks.

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