Irish SuperStore site takes on Apple

E-commerce site to offer next-day global delivery of Mac systems.

LONDON -- Ireland's biggest Mac dealer is looking to give Apple Computer Inc.'s e-commerce effort a run for its money -- launching an online service that promises next-day global delivery of Macintosh systems ordered from its Web site.

The SuperStore Compu b online service went live last week and will offer current Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) products as well as third-party peripherals in direct competition to the Apple Store.

Compu b said the site offers more choices than the Apple Store's self-assembly option and is the first available to Irish customers.

"The ability to specify a particular G3 system online will save hours of trawling through the retail outlets and trade ads for the right model," said Compu b Managing Director Denis O'Connell. "Obviously a service such as this will rely heavily on technical ability and the delivery guarantee," O'Connell said.

He explained that Compu b's Limerick headquarters has taken on an assembly area and experienced assembly staff to meet expected demand.

Its proximity to Apple's manufacturing plant in Cork will also help the supply of parts, according to O'Connell.