iRobot adds Wi-Fi connectivity to more home robots

An Alexa skill is also available as vendors step up their smart home networking efforts.

iRobot now pinpoints your dirtiest floors, offers Alexa voice commands

Home robot company iRobot said it will connect more of its vacuuming robots together and connect them to Amazon's Alexa.


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The connections between the iRobot devices and Amazon's Alexa highlight how cloud computing is becoming a linchpin of the smart home. If iRobot's plan plays out, its robots will be able to coordinate and communicate on cleaning tasks.

iRobot adds Alexa integration, analytics to smart home

Specifically, iRobot is connecting its Roomba 800 and 600 series robots via Wi-Fi. The Alexa skill is immediately available.

For the smart home to really play out well for consumers, technology vendors are going to have to better network their devices. The problem is that many vendors are trying to dominate the smart home snack and that'll only create silos and headaches for the homeowner.

iRobot recently launched its Roomba 900 Series vacuuming robot with Wi-Fi connectivity and scheduling via an app on Android and iOS. The Roomba 900 also maps the home to gain efficiency and navigate around clutter.

In addition, iRobot is launching successors for its lower priced vacuum robots that'll be able to connect with higher end. The Roomba 690 is available online today at $375 with the 890 available in the late second quarter.