How to check if your Android device is vulnerable to attack

A new open-source app scans for the most common Android vulnerabilities, including Stagefright.

Android has taken a few serious beatings in the mobile security world this year.

From Stagefright 1.0 to Stagefright 2.0, not to mention LTE flaws, and even trojanized malware and app hijacks, there have been a slew of issues that have plagued device makers and users alike.

And with a fragmented market of Android versions and patches that don't arrive because the carriers haven't approved their release, it's hard to know which devices are vulnerable to what.

Now it's relatively easy to do.

Developed by mobile security firm NowSecure, the tool -- dubbed the Android Vulnerability Test Suite (VTS) -- is "meant to show the end user the attack surface that a given device is susceptible to," says its website.

"In implementing these checks we attempt to minimize or eliminate both false positives/false negatives without negatively affecting system stability," it says.

Simply put, it tests some of the most common flaws to determine whether or not your Android device is vulnerable.

We tested it out on a fully-patched Android device earlier this week. It detects more than a dozen flaws, including variants, such as Stagefright and ZipBug.

The app is available on Google Play, and its code available on Github.

Image via NowSecure/Github.

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