Is Apple "unmodding" modded Apple TV boxes?

Is Apple unhappy about users modding their Apple TV boxes?

Is Apple "unmodding" modded Apple TV boxes?  I've come across a few stories/rumors suggesting that it might be. 

Several of us over in the Awkward TV IRC(l0rdr0ck, myself, and others) have had our Mod’d Apple TV’s played with over night(SSH/VNC disabled), our guess is apple has started to fight back the mod’d Apple TV’s. This is a warning to all of you to block your Apple TV from the internet by going into your routers settings and denying it internet access!

I can't confirm or deny this at present.  It seems likely to me It's that old chestnut of who actually owns the hardware we buy - us of the company that subsidizes the hardware in order to sell additional services (because that's where the long term money is) and then feels that it own the hardware.  Companies look at consumers who use the hardware in their own way (as opposed to the way it wants you to use it) as, well, not much better than thieves.

This kind of thing is just going to get worse.  As companies move away from selling hardware and software and move to selling products, the long-term service becomes the main income stream, not the initial hardware sale.