Is it good to stop working to study for an MBA?

A ZDNet Asia reader asks whether studying full-time is the best way to do it.

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Q. I am working for a bank as an Oracle DBA for one year. I have more than four years of experience in this field.

I hold the B.Tech (I.T.) and M.Sc. (Telecommunication) degrees.

What are the career prospects of doing an MBA in ERP (SAP) if I stop working and do the MBA course full-time?

Is it advantageous or disadvantageous to make such a move?

Career advice from Stella Thevarakam, regional HR director of management and technology consulting firm ISS Consulting (M):

An MBA always has more value when it is backed by good years of experience. You have got four years of experience.

Stopping work to do the MBA is not really necessary. Don’t rush with your MBA. Take it at a pace that you are comfortable with.

If you can manage studying and working (most people who do MBA work and study), then that will be the best option as it will add value to your resume and experience.

Stopping work and just concentrating on your MBA may give you more concentration but may reflect not so favourably on some future employers who may think that you cannot handle too much stress. Definitely more value is added if you study whilst working, but this is just an opinion. There are pros and cons.

My opinion would be not to stop working as when I interview candidates and they have periods where they study and work I view them more favourably. It adds on to the quality of the person’s experience and calibre.