Is it time for a $1,500 Android Wear watch? Say hello to the Tag Heuer Connected

There's a reason why very few people buy super expensive Apple Watches, yet Tag Heuer thinks its brand and heritage will translate into Android Wear sales.


Fans of Tag Heuer timepieces have smartwatch option to consider, provided they have $1,500 budgeted for their new digital timepiece.

The Tag Heuer Connected watch debuted on Monday with a price tag to match the company's luxury brand name.

The Connected runs on the Google Android Wear platform, similar to some watches that cost one-tenth of Tag Heuer's new product. Unique to this one, however, is that it runs on an Intel processor; most other Android Wear watches are powered by chips based on the ARM architecture used in the majority of smartphones.

So aside from the price and brand name, what else is different about the Tag Heuer Connected watch compared to less expensive models from Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei and others?

Not much.

The watchface is clearly Tag Heuer's, complete with the company logo and design. Aside from that, there's nothing else to differentiate it from less expensive options. And, although you'd risk a copyright issue, you could create your own version of a Tag Heuer watchface on any other Android Wear watch.

Essentially, you're buying a brand here and I'm not sure how much that will translate into sales.

One could argue that Apple's super luxurious Watch editions with precious metals and cost $10,000 take the same approach, and I'd agree.

But there's a reason that data suggests most Apple Watch buyers have bought lower priced Apple Watches: Very few want or need the expensive models since they all have the same functionality. That's why I bought the least expensive Apple Watch: My small Sport Edition cost me $350.

Note that I also own several Swiss-made analog watches as well from Mondaine, Hamilton, Tissot and Omega. Those timepieces stand out because of the mechanical, not digital, prowess of the watchmakers.

Will some Tag Heuer enthusiasts buy the Connected watch? Of course they will. Most Android Wear buyers will opt for less expensive but still attractively styled options, however.