Is 'SOA' becoming a word?

ess-oh-ay or so-ah?

There is a significant development taking place within the industry, that must be brought to light here with the utmost urgency. Namely, the pronunciation of SOA.  Most people still pronounce it by its initials, S-O-A. Lately, though, I've been hearing speakers refer to it as "so-ah." 

This is a significant shift, just as Unix as a word (you-nix) entered our lexicon many years ago. It could serve as a litmus test to separate those in the know from novices. Think of the "Linux" litmus test.  If someone asks about "Ly-nix," that's a tip-off that they're probably more familiar with the Peanuts cartoon strip than the operating system.

Let's face it, SOA as a word rolls off the tongue a lot easier than shaping out the letters  (So-ah versus ess-oh-ay). This is less awkward in party conversations.

Okay (O.K.?), enough said. Back to more mundane things, like figuring out how So-ah can drive business value.