Is the U.S. unable to deal with global warming?

The head of the International Panel appointed by the U.N.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

The head of the International Panel appointed by the U.N.to deal with climate change is not optimistic about the United States' ability to respond to global warming. He told a British paper President Obama would face a "revolution" if he tries to bring the U.S. in line with greenhouse gas regulations already found in Europe.

The head of the IPCC went on to say that domestic politics will prevent Obama from taking quick moves on global warming. The U.S. will react only gradually he said. He was talking at a pre-conference in Copenhagen where the major climate change conflab is set for December to come up with a replacement for the expiring Kyoto Protocol. The official also expressed doubt that the U.S.could sign on to the next agreement and whether the agreement would matter if the U.S.is not a signatory. Neither the U.S. nor China signed the Kyoto Protocol. U.S. and China are the league leaders in greenhouse gas emissions. [poll id="102"]

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