Is this the iPad 3?

Physical Home button lives on!

M.I.C. Gadgets have what they claim is the front glass panel and the rear shell to an iPad 3, along with a selection of third-party cases for the device.

Here's a video showing the components that M.I.C. Gadgets have in their possession:

Here's what we have:

  • A rear shell that is slightly thicker and differently tapered compared to the iPad 2 which supposedly makes it feel thinner.
  • The new shell is compatible with iPad 2 ‘Smart Cases.'
  • The dock connector is unchanged.
  • The front glass panel still features a physical Home button.

I think that it's important to note that all we have here is non-working shell parts that may be real, fake or some sort of pre-production samples. It's hard to see much difference between the rear case of the iPad 2 and what purports to be an iPad 3. The most convincing part is the dock connector, which is significantly different to that seen in the original iPad or iPad 2.

What do you think? Real or fake?