Is this the worst startup pitch ever?

A cringeworthy lesson on selling your business idea.

"Worst presentation ever."

Those were the words from billionaire Mark Cuban on a recent episode of the ABC reality show "Shark Tank." On the show, startups pitch their business idea to four wealthy investors in order to gain an investment in exchange for equity in the company.

The presenters who got Cuban all worked up were two doctors seeking a $50,000 investment for a 20 percent stake in their company that's trying to bring "social media and the social network to the medical profession."

Here's the cringeworthy pitch:

So is this the worst business pitch ever? Probably not. There have likely been worse pitches that don't have the spotlight as this one.

But there's a lesson here: The importance of communication and marketing can't be overlooked. It doesn't matter if you're seeking $50,000 on "Shark Tank" or $1,000 on Kickstarter, if you can't present your world-changing idea in a way that's clear, concise, and catchy, it will fail.

As Barbara Corcoran, a real estate mogul and one of the investors on the show, said when the doctors blamed their inability to successfully communicate their idea on being physicians not presenters: "I don't care what your background is, if you're looking for money you've got to sell your idea."

[h/t Business Insider]

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