Is this toilet smart or just creepy?

What if your toilet kept track of what you do?

What if your toilet kept track of what you do?

That's the idea behind the Lixil Satis toilet, which takes things a step further from heated seats or integrated showers to keep your bottom nice and clean. Hailing from Japan (there's a surprise...), the Satis toilet connects with your smartphone to not only keep an eye on your daily habits, but also to allow you to control its functions without touching the toilet.

What sort of functions does this smart toilet have? Tap the hose on the accompanying Android app, and via Bluetooth your toilet will extend it for you. Scroll to lift the seat or flush once you're finished.

Oh, and if you prefer to listen to music while in the bathroom, have no fear. The toilet's inbuilt stereo can make sure you're listening to your favorite tunes while doing the necessary.

It doesn't end there. The Satis app can be used to document your goings to and from the loo, in what is something like a toilet diary.

According to JapanTrends, the diary includes "cute euphemistic symbols for what you managed to achieve on different days," although I'm not entirely sure what's cute about going to the toilet, or what "achievements" I'd like to give myself a gold star for. Maybe it could be used to keep check if you suffer from a health problem, but that's quite a marginal market. Personally, I could do without the need to get my phone out in the bathroom.

This range of Satis toilets will be available from February, and another three models are in the works.

(via JapanTrends)

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