Is your service SOA or cloud-ready? A 5-question litmus test

Ensuring the enterprise-worthiness of a service amidst the 'fog and friction' of development and design.

Lee Ackerman, writing in Service Technology, makes the case for greater automation in the service design process to provide greater consistency and better output.  He provides a "litmus test" (which can be part of the automated report generation) to determine whether services being developed and deployed meet the requirements of an SOA or cloud registry/repository.

Automated or not, addressing these basic points help clarify the SOA-awareness or cloud-readiness of a service being created amidst the "the fog and friction" of development and design, and are worth repeating:

  1. Does the service provide business functionality? "Does it trace back to a business process or goal? We also need to consider service lifecycle funding, whether and how the service will be used (internally? externally?) - and the implications of such use."
  2. Does the service have a WSDL file -- or some other comparable representation --  that is used to describe the solution? "Is this description external and separate from the implementation?"
  3. Can the service be reused in all of the processes where it is required?
  4. Is the service technically feasible? "Taking into account all functional and non-functional requirements, is it possible to create the service?"
  5. Is the service composable? "Does the service have the right level of granularity? Does the service meet QoS requirements? Is the service stateless? Is the service technically aligned?"