ISIS supporter Cyber Caliphate takes over 54,000 Twitter accounts

The hacking group has launched a high-profile attack against thousands of innocent Twitter users to spread propaganda.


ISIS sympathizers have launched an attack against the FBI, CIA and hijacked over 54,000 Twitter accounts in retaliation for a drone strike which killed a British ISIS extremist.

The Internet has become a prolific breeding ground for spreading propaganda and extremists are continually evolving in their techniques to spread their beliefs and actions without being tracked by law enforcement.

The Web has been used to spread jihadist videos of beheadings and violence, messages urging others to join the "Holy War," and recruit fresh blood for ISIS campaigns both in Syria and over the West.

Men, women, children and full families are known to have joined the terrorist organization after reading literature and communicating with ISIS members online. Recently, ISIS released a training guide teaching members and sympathizers how to use Twitter without revealing their location to intelligence agencies.

The Web has also become a battleground for ISIS and supporters to retaliate digitally against attacks made against the terrorist group by Western military action. The latest example to hit the headlines has been conducted by support group Cyber Caliphate, which has managed to take over approximately 54,000 Twitter accounts, including some belonging to members of the CIA and FBI.

As noted by Security Affairs, the attack, currently trending under the hashtag #cybercaliphate, has included a mass takeover of accounts in order to spread more ISIS propaganda. The group, set up by Junaid Hussain from Birmingham, has targeted those in Saudi Arabia, the UK and United States.

Not only were Twitter accounts compromised, but Cyber Caliphate was also able to steal and post the phone numbers, passwords and other sensitive data belonging to the leaders of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and United States's National Security Agency (NSA).

One Saudi-based victim said they were "horrified" to discover their account was hijacked by the terrorist organization.

The group's main Twitter account which exulted over the news has been suspended.

Anna Erelle, an underground reporter, has detailed her experiences posing as a vulnerable teenage girl and her subsequent 'recruitment' to ISIS through the Internet.

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