Israel partners China in renewable energy technology

At the recent renewable energy conference, Israel said it will collaborate with China in developing methanol and solar power technology .

Israel is set to work with China in the future to develop renewable energy technology, following talks at the 5th Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition held last week in Eilat, Israel.

The conference provided a platform to facilitate the development and investment in the booming renewable energy industry, which is the future of energy use, according to Dorit Banet, conference co-chair and manager of Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Administration.

Israeli Minister of Energy and Water Resources Uzi Landau also told a Chinese newspaper that China leads the world in solar, wind, and methanol technology, and Israel looked forward to carrying out further cooperation with China in these fields.

"As the national project of alternative energy in transportation, carried out by the Israeli government, we plan to lower fossil fuel usage in the transportation sector by 30 percent by 2020, and 60 percent by 2025. That is to say, 30 percent and 60 percent of vehicles would run on renewable energies such as methanol, compressed natural gas, bio-fuel, and electricity by 2020 and 2025," said Eyal Rosner, director of the Israeli prime minister's office of alternative fuel.

Renewable energy use accounts for less that 1 percent in the sector, according to Rosner. "Methanol usage should reach almost 10 percent by 2020," he said. "It is quite a challenge, and that is why we hope to learn from our Chinese counterparts and carry out in-depth cooperation with China."

Israel is also working with China in solar power utilization and technology development.

Half of the nation's solar panels are provided by Suntech, a Chinese solar power company based in Wuxi, China. Suntech has installed over 100MW of solar panels in Israel and the market outlook remains optimistic, according to Suntech's PR department.

During last week's conference, Suntech also announced it would collaborate with CapitalNature, an Israeli company, to set up a renewable energy test center in the suburb of Eilat to test the latest solar power technology especially developed by Suntech for deserts.


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