iSuppli: Intel reached 10-year record market share in 2011 Q4

Intel leads the semiconductor industry as it reaches a 10-year record market share through key acquisitions and increased revenue, based on 2011 Q4 figures.

Intel, helped along by the acquisition of Infineon's wireless business unit and strong sales in its core chip business, reached a 10-year record market share in the 2011 fiscal fourth-quarter, according to industry analyst group IHS (formerly iSuppli).

The chip giant increased its semiconductor market share to 15.6 percent from 13.1 percent in 2010, representing the highest market share for Intel since 2001.

The strength of Intel's microprocessors and NAND flash memory, used in both PCs and tablets, helped fend off a market share top-spot attempt by Samsung, which remained at 9.2 percent in 2011.

Intel saw its revenue jump by 20.6 percent, outshining every other semiconductor supplier with the exception of Qualcomm and ON Semiconductor, which gained 41.6 percent and 49.6 percent respectively.

Qualcomm did especially well with its tremendous growth, jumping three places from a rank of nine to six. Its surge in revenue helped the company reach the status of the world's largest 'fabless' semiconductor supplier.

Qualcomm and Samsung both use ARM designs for its chips, which dominate the mobile device space. Intel has wanted to push into the mobile market for the past two years, particularly in the rise of the tablet.

Windows 8 is set to change that, however, with only five ARM devices debuting at its launch, compared to 40 Intel devices.

Overall, the semiconductor market grew by a meagre 1.3 percent down, 0.6 percent down from IHS iSuppli's projections in December. The fourth-quarter was particularly weak, which was not helped by a series of unavoidable, mitigating factors, such as the Thai floods and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that hit in March 2011.

Image credit: IHS iSuppli.