IT Anthems: The Power of Sun

Updated:A legendary anthem, rescued and preserved. Hear how the power of Sun will do you right, and change your life!

The Power of Sun (MP3)
The Power of Sun is a legendary IT Anthem which we have been trying to track down for a year. It dates back to the dotcom bubble, and shows Sun confident that it was about to displace HP and IBM at the top of the IT tree. A couple of years later, well, Sun is still there, but HP and IBM are still ahead. As the song says: "This is the stuff of dreams and fantasies." This is in fact a German version of the original song from the US, recorded by Suns and Noses, the in-house band of Sun Microsystems Germany. (If anyone has a file of the original version, send it here as we'd love to compare it). Suns and Noses was a 100 percent pure Sun employee band, which played trade fairs and company partiesk, and released a CD. "When they moved the german office and built a new headquarters, the band practice room was actually taken into consideration when they drew the building plans," says says the singer Anna Mardh. "Sun Microsystems Germany is a great employer!" Anna now performs with professional band Capone. If you have any other anthems, please send them to And send us any other anthems too! Lyrics The power of Sun, will blow you away!
Best range of product, on the market today!
A different game, has really begun
We make it happen -- with the Power of Sun! Time to move on now to chapter two
A world of tomorrow, something totally new
Tthe past is past, future opening wide
It's computing, with no compromise! Hewlett-Packard -- an' IBM
Hey from now on, you can forget about them
Sun's got the system that will do you right!
An' it might just change -- your liiiiiiife!
That's the power of Sun!
Yeah, that's the power of Sun! First time you use it, you will be surprised!
Next time you use it you will open your eyes!
All the power, waitin' there for yooooou!
There ain't no limit, to what Sun can do! Hewlett-Packard -- an' IBM
Hey from now on you can forget about them
DEC and Apollo gohna eat our dust
Cos the future is -- for us! This is the stuff, of dreams and fantasies
And Sun's tomorrow, it's here
And now it's so clear, so clear , we're gonna take the ball
We're gonna take the ball and run
With the power of Sun! We got the power of Sun!
Can you believe it? Hewlett-Packard -- an' IBM
Hey I can tell you we don't care about them
From now on they won't be havin' much fun
We are the power --
That's the power of Sun! We are the power of Suuu-uuuuu-uuuun!
That's the power of Sun!
We are the power of Suuu-uuuuu-uuuun!
That's the power of Sun!
We are the power of Suuu-uuuuu-uuuun!
That's the power of Sun!
We are the power of Suuu-uuuuu-uuuun!
That's the power of Sun! Band personnel: Anna Mårdh, Tom Henzen, Frank Libal, Fritz Roeder, Axel Luedecke, Sigi Baier (Our pathetic attempt to transcribe verse two, before Anna sent us the right lyrics: A church and a law! Naturally, a cheque or two
A world of tomorrow's involving you
Mashed n' smashed, controlled by wine
It's computing, with no compromise!)

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