IT companies tailor services for rural India

Rural India is benefiting from expansion in areas such as e-government, healthcare and finance, which is helping to establish a wider national infrastructure

Indian villages are finding favour from a host of companies including business process outsourcing and healthcare services providers, IT vendors and telcos that have launched products and services tailor-made for the rural customer.

"Areas like education, financial services, e-government and healthcare hold a lot of promise," Kamlesh Bhatia, principal research analyst at Gartner, said in a phone interview. However, he said this is not a market that can generate huge revenues in the short term. "Revenue generation will take place only in the medium to long-term," Bhatia added.

The Indian government, through its e-government initiatives, is emerging as a major driver for IT adoption. As part of its National E-Governance Plan project, the government has collaborated with IT companies to establish the National Information Infrastructure, where state-wide area networks, Common Service Centers and state datacentres are being established to provide connectivity and technology access throughout the country.

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