It exists! A goldfish aquarium that cleans itself

The NoClean Aquarium is designed with a built-in self-cleaning mechanism that makes maintenance a hassle-free process.

Goldfish are just about the ideal pet for even the laziest of lazy pet owners. You wouldn't ever need to take them out for a walk and feeding them once every few days is enough to ensure that everything goes swimmingly. Now for the really hands-off types, there's the NoClean Desktop Aquarium.

As the name implies, it's a fish tank you'd never have to manually scrub down or vacuum thanks to a built-in self-cleaning mechanism that makes maintenance a hassle-free process. The inventors, Craig Wenger & David Turover, have designed the aquarium with a special reservoir that catches the waste that accumulates at the bottom and combined it with a plumbing system that enables the gunk to get flushed out through a spout running out the side of the aquarium. All anyone has to do is simply pour in a glass of clean water and in about a minute you're done.

Even watching how the self-cleaning system in action can be kind of fun. As the waste gets flushed through the spout and into a separate cup, the process stops automatically when water reaches a certain level. And as a bonus, the byproduct can also be used as fertilizer for plants.

The goldfish that comes with the aquarium are Betta fish, better known as Chinese fighting goldfish. As a rule of thumb, you'd never want to have two og them in the same acquirium because then all hell breaks loose. And obviously the last thing a laid-back and carefree pet owner needs is drama.

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