IT failure: 'Evil is the cure for incompetence'

Dilbert's thoughtful view on IT failure, politics, and blame.

I got a laugh from this Dilbert cartoon:

Dilbert has a harsh view of the world that also contains some truth. I almost laugh when people tell me that human or cultural factors play no role in IT failures.

Well, maybe I want to laugh, but actually, those views make me cry.

In general, technology from reputable vendors does work as advertised. Yes, the software may contain complexity, but enterprise software reflects real world business processes that are... well, you know, complicated.

Enterprise software success, in both the SaaS and on-premise worlds, requires healthy collaboration among business owners, vendors, IT, executives, and so on. Deal positively with the people side of the equation and technology happiness will follow closely behind.

If you think this is Kumbaya wishful thinking, then please propose a better solution. I'm afraid the silence will be deafening.

What do you think?


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