IT Forum: Compaq's Capellas knows his place

Compaq's new boy identifies himself as the "other Michael" and promises "cool stuff" from his beleaguered company.

Compaq's new CEO, Michael Capellas may have been awed by the presence of his younger counterpart at the opening of the IT Forum in Paris this morning. Giving a keynote immediately before Dell CEO Michael Dell, Capellas took a self-deprecating approach, introducing himself as the "other Michael" and gave a competent, if not particularly inspiring performance.

Many in the audience looked at Michael Dell's facial expressions as Capellas informed delegates on the importance of being able to transact on a Web site. Outlining the restructure of Compaq to focus on enterprise, personal computing and consumer, Capellas said he was particularly keen on the consumer part of it as his "charter to make really cool stuff".

Capellas, unsurprisingly, agreed with Dell's statement, that the PC is far from dead.