IT Forum: UK losing its e-commerce lead

The UK might look like it's ahead of the rest of Europe in e-commerce -- but it all depends on how you slice it.

As the Prime Minister warned British firms to speed up their plans for capitalising on the Internet revolution in Cambridge, evidence was being presented in Paris on Monday that the UK is already starting to slip down the European league table of top e-commerce performers.

Research presented by IDC suggests that although the UK is currently leading Germany and France in e-commerce, the statistics are skewed by the highly active presence of small firms. The survey, presented by IDC's European Internet researcher, Stefan Elmer, suggested that when you look more closely at firms with more than 100 employees the UK slips to third place. Most of the research presented at the IT Forum Monday suggests that the UK will be a significant player, but that Germany will emerge as the key e-commerce market within Europe.

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