IT hiring set to increase in S'pore

More tech companies are looking to grow their headcount this year, according to a new employment survey.

SINGAPORE--Nearly half (49 percent) of IT and telecommunications companies in Singapore are looking to hire new staff, according to an employment survey released by Hudson Global Resources.

The quarterly survey culled responses from over 2,200 key executives in Asia, 543 of whom were from the island-state.

Hudson's report stated that the increase in hiring expectations in the third quarter of 2005, up from 43 percent in the previous quarter, was mainly due to "renewed investment in large IT projects by banking, consumer, logistics and manufacturing companies".

In addition, IT job positions account for 11 percent of all anticipated new jobs this year, making it the third most area in demand, after sales and engineering.

Overall, the employment forecast in Singapore is a hopeful one where 52 percent of companies surveyed are looking to recruit, and 79 percent of companies across all industry sectors expect the performance of their companies to be excellent or good.