IT jobs market set to grow

IT, telecoms and electronics are set to recruit one million people over the next five years

Despite the economic slowdown last year, the IT, telecoms and electronics industries are set to recruit one million people over the next five years.

Top of the wanted list are business analysts, network specialists, analyst programmers, software engineers and database specialists, according to the government.

Database administrators can earn up to £53k, while software engineers and business analysts can pocket up to £40k. Contractors charging hourly rates can pick up £20-100 an hour, or more.

Employers are doing their bit to encourage people into the IT field. The 'Women in IT' programme, run by Target Live, lets female undergraduates experience 24 hours in the life of an IT professional. The National Council for Work Experience (NCWE) is also running work placement programmes for undergraduates in all degree disciplines.

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