IT providers are resisting the cloud

The major barriers to cloud adoption are reluctant technology providers and a lack of ideas about how to use the cloud, says British telco BT.

The main obstacle to the IT industry's shift to the cloud is the fact that entrenched technology providers have much to lose in such a shift, BT's chief scientist has said.

Speaking on Tuesday, JP Rangaswami told the audience at the Powered By Cloud event in London that he was "disappointed" at cloud adoption levels. He said there was "pushback" from suppliers about moving to cloud computing, as well as a lack of demand due to a paucity of innovative services.

The cloud represents an opportunity to "compress" wasted resources such as hardware and storage, Rangaswami said. He added that the prospect of cutting that waste, and of customers saving money that way, has to make providers "start thinking turkey, Christmas and kitchen".

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