iTelecom Wholesale restructures, introducing iVNX Group

The restructure of iTelecom Wholesale has resulted in the launch of a new parent company and the addition of two new wholly owned subsidaries, iVNX and iVNE.

iTelecom Wholesale, a wholesaler to communication service providers (CSPs), has undergone a corporate restructure with new appointments and the launch of a new parent company, the iVNX Group, which will be responsible for all corporate functions.

According to iVNX CEO Thomas Derum, the main driver for the restructure is the company recognising the bundling and monetisation of products and services is the next key opportunity for communication service providers.

"We recognised we need further capabilities to enable new business models, as well as traditional ones. In our view, telcos have the opportunity to not only be aggregators of multiple services, but orchestrators of multi-partner ecosystems," he said.

"The capabilities we identified as an organisation, and what our customers wanted and what the market was looking for, was a business solution that not only provided products, but the technology and operations that underpin those products, supporting real multi-tenant concept-to-cash operations, and end-to-end customer experience from an end-user perspective."

Derum said iTelecom Wholesale, now a wholly owned subsidiary of iVNX, will continue to enable CSPs and brands to on-sell its wholesale voice, broadband, and mobile products to their end users, with plans to expand its range of wholesale products and services throughout 2014.  

"High priority areas for iTW from a product perspective, include NBN related services, internet TV, and cloud-based services," he said.

"Also, there'll be a number of value-added services which include real-time fraud and identity solutions to enable wholesale customers to be able to verify the identity of the end user before sign up, which is an expansion of our automated credit positioning that conducts credit checks."

As part of the restructure, iVNX has acquired, for an undisclosed amount, 100 percent of the share capital of iVNE, a converged real-time billing and customer care platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud enabling cross industry 2.0 concept-to-cash operations.

Derum said iVNE will formally launch its cloud computing services to the Australasian market in June 2014 that will enable telcos to have "direct contractual relationships with the carriers to configure, bundle, price any technology or service via the one platform across multiple industries".

The company has also announced a new wholly owned subsidiary, iVNO, a private label integrated virtual network operator to enable brands to offer mobile products and value added services to their customer base.

Derum said iVNO has signed agreements with three brands to allow it to operate and offer prepaid mobile services under each brands' trademarks and distribute it through over 150 retail stores across Australia.

The agreements will be targeting three distinct market segments and the first will be offering its prepay mobile aimed at the student and youth segments, due to launch this month, Derum said.

Nine appointments were also made as part of the restructure. These include Matt Goodlet as chief technology evangelist for iVNE; David Colvin as director for iVNE; Vikram Mohite, previously chief sales officer for iTelecom Wholesale to sales director of iVNO; and Bruno Giger as chief information officer of iVNX, who was previously chief information officer for iTelecom Wholesale.