It's a pogo stick! It's a scooter! It's a skateboard!

It's a new way for kids to crack their skulls! But boy does it look fun. The JumpX Scooter leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Or stubby curbs, anyway. You can help fund it. See what inspired it.

Defying gravity. Next time a stack of skateboards gets in your way, you better hope you're on your JumpX scooter.


It's a new way for kids to crack their skulls, but boy does it look fun. And you can help fund it.

The JumpX Scooter can leap tall buildings in a single bound - or at least it can hop a curb - because it combines "adjustable dual-compression front springs and a heat-treated, steel, rear-leaf spring," says co-inventor Kameron Swinney in a YouTube video (hold onto something and watch it below).

"With a traditional scooter, the rider must take care when faced with stairs, cracks and hard landings," Swinney enthuses. "The JumpX grants freedom in these challenges."

Inspiration. Nothing gets the creative juices going more than an old leaf spring. It sure turned on Kameron Swinney.

You've got to love the upbeat philosophy. It ain't danger - it's freedom! (Is that philosophy? Or is that simply marketing? Or are marketing and philosophy the same thing? Come in, Plato.)

At any rate, the JumpX might never have happened if Swinney hadn't already been living by a devil-may-care creed.

"I came up with the idea after jumping on a leaf spring from an old car," he says.

Boys will be boys. But to assuage any concerns, Swinney assures us that the flying scooter "has a rear footbrake for quick stops." He also notes that "we created a patent-pending killer product."

The JumpX isn't quite ready for the market. Before that happens, Swinney and his partners at Fuzion Scooters in Emeryville, Calif., have to bounce over a few financial hurdles, which they're trying to do through the Kickstarter website.

Kickstarter is a "crowd funding" initiative in which individuals pledge contributions attached to certain goals that an endeavor like Fuzion would achieve. This could be your chance to defy gravity. Don't forget your helmet.

Images: Flying scooter progression is a screen grab from the JumpXScooter Kickstarter web page. Inspirational leaf spring is from Dave Indech via Wikimedia. Video from Fuzion Scooters via YouTube.

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