It's fun to view what Apple has been tracking in consolidated.db

Plot what Apple has been tracking to relive some of your travels

Everyone is up in arms about the fact that Apple has been tracking your movements without you knowing since iOS4 came out, which was end of June 2010.

Well, if you're not so concerned about that and instead want to relive some of your travels, there are a few different ways of doing it.

For Mac users

If you're on a mac, download iPhoneTracker. Once downloaded just launch the App and moments later you'll be presented with a timeline that shows you where Apple thinks your phone has been. I say thinks because it's really just reporting where your phone has been based on cell phone tower triangulation and not actual GPS coordinates.

For PC users

If you're on a PC, you can download nphonetrack. With nphonetrack you have the option of viewing the results in Google Earth or exporting as a CSV so you can view the data in a spreadsheet. My colleague, Adrian, wrote up a great post on using nphonetrack, so be sure to take a look.

In my case, I used iPhoneTracker. Below is a screenshot of the All Time view of my iPhone 4. As you can see, I primarily stayed on the east coast, but did manage to get out to the west coast, and the middle of the U.S., too. The interesting thing is that I don't recall going out to the west coast, so I'm not sure when I picked up a cell tower out there. Otherwise, the data is pretty accurate.

However, my friend, Jonathan Stark was not so lucky. His map showed most of his travels, but his trip to Iceland was missing, but his girlfriend's phone was showing it (she traveled with him). His London trips were also missing, but everything else was intact. See below.

Be sure to try one of the apps above and comment about your own experience below. You can also send me your pics if you want, and I'll post them up if you give me permission to use your first name, too.

I'm going to e-mail this article to few friends of mine who work at HTC and Microsoft. They are always flying around the world, so I'm dying to see what their maps look like.