It's the silly season, courtesy of SAP Info

A wee bit of fun, courtesy of SAP Info

In Europe we are in the middle of what is called the 'silly season.' It's the time of year when the children break up for six or more weeks' summer vacation, when France shuts down for most of August and where Madrid is a ghost town. Enter SAP Info to provide erstwhile readers the opportunity for a chuckle:

Can you spot today's deliberate mistake? It's been like this since 25th July.

I guess it goes alongside that old saying: you can take the man out of SAP on-premise but you cannot take SAP on-premise out of the man.

Hat tip to @happel, an SAP employee who clearly has a sense of humor

Endnote: it is now 9.07 PDT, some 20 minutes after I completed registration. I guess the clocks in the data center are running slow because I still haven't got my promised link.