It's time to go.

My time at ZDNet is done. This is a personal choice. See you on the other side...

I pride myself on knowing when to say goodbye. There is never a right time, and these things often come out of the blue. But my time at ZDNet is done.

It is a personal decision and not one foisted upon me by the business in any way. Anyone who believes otherwise can take a proverbial hike.

I need to move on to other things, and a confluence of events simply accelerated that decision. 

I've written close to 900 posts over the last goodness knows how many years—I've lost track—taking strong positions, but always loosely held. The clock bell has finally chimed for my saying goodbye to this wee spot in the media circus. 

To those that have found my "stuff" useful, thank you.

To the vendors I have roiled? Well, writing for a family-friendly publication I can only say this: thanks for all the fodder you've given me with which to pillory you from time to time. It's been enjoyable on this side of the fence. 

To those vendors who are doing what I believe is the right thing for customers going forward? Rock on. 

On a personal note, thanks to Dan Farber for cajoling me into taking this slot (whenever that was) and then Larry Dignan for putting up with my working time frame, running cover on stories I could not for one reason or another deal with in the time frame CBS might wish and otherwise being the best editor I've ever worked alongside. He's a well-polished diamond and a person I will always count as a friend. 

To those who I have irritated with dopey typos—guess what? No more. Find someone else to harass.

In the meantime, it has been a great ride. Trust me, you will see me "on the other side," as they say. 

Take care. Enjoy the rest of the show.